Charlene Gondo proves the idea that travel is learning.
She experienced a level of freedom most people only dream of. Charlene was previously a Fashion and Beauty Assistant in L’Officiel Indonesia, but recently moved to Netherlands to pursue her bigger career dream.





What does travelling means to you ?

It’s undescribable.

I know some people who travel because they just want to create enviable photos,

and they travel because other people travel as well.

But for me, it’s not like that at all.



"Travel is learning." - Charlene Gondo



"I’m young and able,

we’re just tiny speck of dust in the galaxy,

the infinity galaxy,

why do we, the speck of dust

have to stay in one bubble?" - Charlene Gondo

I always have that perspective. There’re so much to see rather than just malls. Indonesians, you get me right?




“Self-discovery requires journey”. Do you believe in this quotes?

Believe it or not, when I was in London I got my heart broken by someone in Indonesia. Since then, in order to forget him, I learn how to travel alone. Not intentionally, but the result was amazing. I learnt to love my self.




What led you to be a wanderlust spirited person?

The experience I had in London. I was always dreaming to travel to Europe when I was a kid, but not in an adventurous way. But in the UK, I visited a lot of magic places and stumbled upon kind people that I only dared to dream before. It gave me goosebumps, it gave me lessons, it gave me courage, and it has the power to make me forget literally every worry that I have (and I’m a very anxious person).



And somehow, no matter where I’m going, I always feel more home than when I was in Indonesia.

The people, the universe, will take care of you.



How do you make time and manage your travel expenses?

Just make it work. I don’t know how do I do it, even until now. Whenever I feel stuck, I wouldn’t shop or eat just instant stuff instead of going to the restaurant. I got a little saving, and I book the ticket. Normally I’ll choose a nice but cheap accomodation, but I avoid hostels.




How often do you travel in a year?

Four times? I don’t know. It depends. I always try to go to a lot of places (or countries) in one departure.




Can you name one hidden gem that you would like to share?

Definitely Costwolds. If you’re a lover of Victorian era, you should go here. Cotswolds is a bit unknown countryside in the UK.

It’s very romantic and creepy because of the old houses and empty streets. But they don’t have any modern buildings, it transfers you to another era.




Do you have any particular travel fears?

Flying. I hate flying. Everytime there’s a turbulence I’ll hold the arm of someone sitting beside me.





Where would you like to explore this year?

I just went to Luxembourg, a tiny but charming country, and to Strasbourg, a tiny village full of history in France. And soon I’ll travel to Croatia, Slovenia (only a night stop), and Austria. I’m thinking maybe Prague during winter.