EXPLORE : Sekardadi Village, Bali, Indonesia



Everyone loves travelling; at least they should love the idea of travelling. This is what we believe.


We also believe that daily routines can make us stale, makes everything stale. Travelling is a great way to break out, do something different, so to curb staleness, get up and get yourself away from your routine.



We don’t want to discuss travel and tourism as it has been discussed nearly to death. Every “traveller” boldly declares themselves a traveller with a blatant status update or title on their bio. This is the “trend” for the past 3 years and now, everyone is a “traveller”. But not everyone, no. Not everyone is so lucky.

Not all young people have the freedom to travel, to fly, to explore – we don’t mean the literal act of buying a physical flight ticket and going away with a backpack and some savings. You might think that that is all you need, but you’re wrong.

Emotional freedom is not something that is so easily obtained. Especially when you have overprotective parents. Or the equivalent to, your nearest and dearest. Many do not get the time and space that they need to follow their own paths, discover themselves or their true passion. If you’re not a traveller or not lucky enough to be a one, then you can be an explorer. This is the topic of today’s post – not travel.

Exploration is when you throw yourself into a trip and a culture. It’s what you do when you get lost in new places, eat something you can hardly pronounce, or experience something new that makes you change the way you think. The idea of exploration is daunting. To feel the freedom is up to you! 

Where do you even start? You need to discover what your passion is and then go for it. Your passion drives you forward to open doors and to corners of the world, you wouldn’t otherwise visit. OR while exploring you may discover something that could possibly be your new passion. Exploring can be done in your hometown, your very own backyard. We can bet that there are plenty of spots that you can explore that you haven’t even discovered yet!

For us, spontaneity is a feeling of freedom and to illustrate this, we took a short trip. So, here’s a short story about us and our spontaneous trip.




About six months ago, we took a road trip to Batur and explored an authentic Balinese neighbourhood called Sekardadi Village. From just a single sight, in passing, we fell in love. So we drove back there to explore and meet the locals and learned that we are still so in love with the traditionally whimsical, super neat and well-kept green village.  We took some photos to be shared with you, yet the photos seem can’t describe enough how lovely it was.



We left our house at 4.30AM, way before dawn, and headed towards Sekardadi Village because we wanted to witness the fog, but it was rainy so we didn’t find any fog. But the sky was very pink that morning. No one was out and about yet, only a few dogs were roaming the quiet streets.




We caught a flash of a green and narrow path. We passed it and drove backwards. Soon we found out that that the inviting path belongs to Sailand Farm. 



We parked our car and followed the path. Only a few steps away from the front gate, a lady in her mid-forties came forward and introduced herself as the landlord. After a very warm welcome, she offered us hot tea and coffee from the farm, even though the farm wasn't opened yet. It was 6AM and felt like 18 degrees, so we won’t mind something warm to drink.



She served us 6 different hot drinks in 6 tiny cups; they are mangosteen tea, lemongrass tea, ginger tea, coconut coffee, luwak coffee, and chocolate coffee. As we converse, more or less, we learned that Sailand Farm is her family business, a coffee plantation and an organic farm.



We noticed that the plants here were all so healthy and lush. We sit at the edge of the garden while sipping our drinks. Amidst the silence, we just breathe and feel the dewy atmosphere, listened to the sounds of insects, stepped on moss and continued sipping till the very last drop. We bought some bags of authentic Kintamani Coffee and Tea to try ourselves at home and we’re back down the straight road towards Kintamani.



We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the road! Wide open roads turn into smaller lanes that wind deeper and deeper into the trees. We were definitely obsessed!


We stopped every time we caught a glimpse of an interesting spot, including this Balinese house gate:



Someone’s backyard:


Another backyard with a lonely giant taro leaf.


Can you spot the person behind the leaf? She’s our designer, Rhea, and the girl featured in this post is all her. She’s wearing Wallis, by the way.



We ended this trip with a final visit to an orange tree farm, which we discovered before the exit gate of Sekardadi Village! We were a little sneaky; I think it’s a private farm, but there was no gate. Blaming our curiosity, we went right in.


There were a lot of oranges on the ground, fresh from the trees. We gathered some to bring them home. We hope this doesn’t count as stealing. It was 7.30 thereabouts, and the sun’s starting to come out. We use the morning dew on colocasiaesculenta a.k.a taro leaf to clean the oranges.



We didn’t follow any maps and we didn’t have any go-to-list to tell us how to get there or etc. We just trusted our instincts on where to go and what to explore. This isn’t to say that we didn’t use Google Maps here and there; yes we used Google Maps to get back home after getting lost, but we’re not afraid of getting lost and having a little adventure. Getting lost means seeing beautiful things we might have never seen before.

Exploring is about daydreaming, creating, playing, discovering, wandering (and wondering), seeing, tasting, touching, and smelling all of life’s beauty. It takes us back to nature, nourishes our soul, and connects us again with the earth, trees, wind, and the sky. In doing so, exploring allow us to set out imagination and flourish with creative expression.



 So, start exploring! 



“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Yew!” – Mark Twain