It's beach season, everyone's stocking up for sundresses. What if that's not your game, though? How about comfy pants to the beach? Pants at the beach do make a certain kind of sense, after all. They offer extra sun protection to help keep you from getting burned, and, if you choose wisely, they're easily just as comfortable (perhaps even more comfortable) as sundresses are. We sat on the beach, doing a little research on what kind of person who would wearing pants to the beach. Here are our research on the beachgoers;

The Reader



The next time I sit down with one of my “beach reads”, I want to make sure that when I lift my head, I see the ocean, not smog.



 Florence is wearing GERDA in Grey


The “I Hate The Beach”



I could be a Wet Towel in a human form. I won’t go anywhere outdoors without a hat - the bigger the better, while drowning in SPF with levels that I didn’t even know existed and definitely a long-sleeved rash guard. I don’t actually hate the beach - I just hate everything hot and humid. But I love a good view, I like watching people and I like taking photographs when the mood strikes me.



Florence is wearing DAMIEN in Rice


Mom’s Beach Attire



The plan for Summer Break was to nobly and bravely visit the big family back at the hometown - BUT I had forgotten just how loud and rowdy things could get here. The beach provides a peaceful respite away from the hustle and bustle back home. No choice but to borrow my mother’s “trendy” accessories to keep the sun off my face and the heat off my head. Don’t wonder why the hat is too big for my head and keeps flying away!



Florence is wearing OLAFUR in Salmon


The Beach Napper



The beach is the ultimate venue for the greatest naps in history. I bring a beach towel and that’s my bed for the day. No one can stop my journey into dreamland. I take off with Mr Sandman even before my friend can ask if I could help her with her back!



Florence is wearing DALLAS in Oyster Grey 


The Fishing Girl



Not #ootd but #cotd. Catch Of The Day with my DIY homemade net, to string my glass bottle with. Always say no to plastic; save the ocean, the earth and the wild animals. We want to marine life to flourish, to get fatter and live longer.



Florence is wearing FAVELA


The Digital Nomad with her very own Dream Office



I work wherever and whenever I want. No tables, no cubicles. Just the sand, the sea and the coconuts for me. The freedom to make money wherever and howeever I want



 Florence is wearing APIRKA in Navy


The Forgotten Muse of the French Riviera



Tall,chic and standing elegantly by the shore, she gazes at the sunset as if living in a dream, a dream that is at least as important as the sand and her champagne.



Florence is wearing DAMIEN in Rice 


Basically, your options are endless. Which one are you? Will you be wearing pants at the beach this summer?



Wardrobe Support Credits:
Bikini & Swimwears are from Tacoola
Eyewear Chains are from Eyelikeyelike
Water Bottle String is from Bluemoloko