For the second issue of 'Desirable', we met and interviewed with Kanoko Takaya, a free-spirited Japanese Artist based in Bali. Known for her whimsical creativity, Kanoko creates her own world using organic shapes and nuanced colors.



Her fictional world comes alive in unusual mediums ranging from canvas to carved wood. Inspired by the simplest things in life, Kanoko expresses her innermost thoughts and feelings playfully through her art.



Hi Kano, how was your first time finding yourself into art? 

When I was 5, I came to Bali with my mom. We were drinking milk tea that time in a café at Ubud, I drew my milk tea right in front of me on my sketch book. Well, I was a kid and of course I drew anything in front of my sight.

One day, a man that I didn’t know approached me and said, “I like your drawings, can I have them?”. As I handed him my sketchbook, he surprised me further by asking me for my autograph, which I willingly gave. That was my very first experience with a fan and the very first time giving an autograph! He took my sketchbook with him and returned a few minutes later carrying with him a giant piece of art and said: “Want to trade?”


It was obviously his own masterpiece; I was pleasantly surprised and completely elated. It was one of the most memorable experiences for me and a memory that I treasure the most.



I still remember happily thinking, “Does this mean that I am an artist?”


Do you have a creative habit?

In 2017, I started ‘1day1drawing’ – I wake up, take a shower, get something to eat, and at this point when my brain isn’t fully awake, I take a piece of postcard-sized paper. Then, I close my eyes and with nothing in particular in my head, I move my hand over the paper, impulsively, spontaneously. This movement is made by what’s inside my head; the most honest morning thoughts and feelings.


"People can really know the type of person that I am just by looking at my drawings." - Kanoko Takaya



Can you tell us about your style?

I don’t really have a particular style - or rather, I don’t think I am able to describe what my personal style is. Every time I look back at any of my '1day1drawing', I see that they are each so different, each with its own different styles and moods. My style would really depend on what I am feeling at any particular time or moment. Sometimes it can appear a little gloomy, sometimes it can be confusing. I like to let people have their own interpretation of what they think my style is.




Where do your inspiration come from?

Everywhere and anywhere. Inspiration can come to me when I’m having a chat with someone, when I see beautiful things, when I am taking a stroll, when I am listening to the radio or reading books, or even when I’m in the toilet. I can get inspired anytime and anywhere, regardless of what I am doing.




What is your favorite color palettes?

Tasty colors. If a person can taste color, my color palette would be incredibly delicious, just like the colors that you see in a gelato display freezer. My preferred colors would appear a lot like colorful mud and would mostly be secondary colors.