Change is good! Especially when it’s your own idea!

We know that no one wants to change if they don’t have to.

But, change can open our hearts and minds to new things.




"Change in all things is sweet." — Aristotle




Speaking as an amateur, life always has plans for us. Being afraid is the natural response to everything unfamiliar. It is natural to be wary. Let’s admit it, change is scary. Taking a leap towards the unknown, the uncertainty, can make us hesitate and take a step back. But the thing is unless one embraces change and adapts to it, one cannot truly make progress. It takes practice to be comfortable in discomfort.




Change is not always about completely stepping out of your comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone. You should get back to your comfort zones from time to time, both to relax and to process your experiences. The point here is to stretch your boundaries to grow and improve. Never leaving your comfort zones means you end up doing whatever that feels best for the moment, while letting the fear of the unknown keep you where you are for as long as you possibly can. The downside to this is that everything will remain unknown; there will be no opportunities left for self-growth or self-development.




Eve is inspiring, ladylike, strong, and feminine. We had a long conversation where she shared about herself, her personal dreams, preferences and aspirations during our shoot at Tibumana Waterfall here in Bali. She recently took the big leap when she decided to turn vegan.


These are her thoughts,

“My big leap took place two years ago when I decided overnight to go vegan. I was already a vegetarian for several years, so I didn’t find it very difficult at all to leave out the last animal products from my diet; dairy and egg."



"What made me take the final leap? After seeing a few videos showing the horrors inside slaughterhouses, I was done. I just couldn't see myself consuming any animal products ever again and being a part of all the suffering of those innocent living beings."



"After completing my transition into a vegan, I spent a lot of time educating myself about the impacts of veganism towards the planet we're living in and my own health and wellbeing."



"So for me, the evaluation process started — in the first place — for the sake of the animals and the environmental issues and my own health as well. None of these three aspects is more important than the other — moreover, I see all of three as one, as the core of my values. They are part of my efforts to do my very best to make a positive change in this world. To share compassion, kindness and love towards all living beings that reside on earth, our dearest home."



"For me, taking this leap and making a life-altering change was without a doubt one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life. At the same time, it was and wasn't scary. The scariest part was facing the fact that I had been doing something that created impacts on this earth which I hadn't been aware of at all, and which were completely opposite to the values formed later. But that was the time for acceptance and realization, the room for self-growth to take place. Acceptance equals growth."

"It's a by-product of letting go of something old and through acceptance, invite something new to enter.”



The more comfortable you are with exploring new abilities within yourself, the more aware you will become of just what you are capable of. You will never know until you try.