Desirable” is our ode to Modern Day Beauty – and the gut-wrenching restlessness that inevitably comes with it. This article represents the unavoidable human emotion called anxiety that undeniably comes with the yearning for respect, appreciation, and adoration. Everyone experiences anxiety, even artists and designers in their pursuit to create masterpieces that will be adored and appreciated – in their pursuit to be Desired.



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Desirable is defined as being attractive or useful. Wikipedia defines it as something that is attractive, wanted, interesting, or pleasing. Today, it is a fact that people are obsessed with everyone. Just take a look at Instagram and you’ll see that we are right. The act of obsession itself is a deep, mysterious, and beautiful thing. One person can have hundreds if not thousands of followers. So, what makes this person so appealing? What's his or her X Factor? Beauty, good looks, a great physic are not the elements that we can consider. So, what exactly do they have that the rest of us don’t?



Here we explore the art of being Desirable. We think we know the answer:

Be a Provocateur. Be a True Original.

Remember, Novelty is interesting. Instead of just following trends, set new ones. To do this, you’ll need to make some predictions, create stunning masterpieces or artwork. It’s all about trial and error. Throughout all this, remember to just Be Yourself.




People tend to notice someone who’s different in a crowd. Be that ‘someone’ to become ‘somebody’. Most people try to fit in, in order to be liked. True originals don’t bend their behavior to match expectations. They speak their minds. They hold true to their authenticity despite what others say. They create controversy, which is a good thing because controversy sparks emotion. Focus on speaking your mind more often and see opposition as a sign that you are on the right track.


Artists are constantly trying to innovate to remain relevant and stay interesting. It is part of the creative process. Do you want to be more interesting? Be unconventional; go for the unusual, like quirky fashion. But, it doesn’t even have to be from the mainstream. Wear a top from your Chinese silk pyjamas, walk around with your dachshund and greet everyone with a haiku! In the words of Del Singh, “We all have quirks, its part of our being. Interesting people unleash their inner weirdness.” In short, being “desirable” is all about scarcity. Keep in mind that what is rare is interesting. A good example of this: rare paintings are expensive.




Stay Interesting, Keep Evolving

 Its human nature to stay in your comfort zones and hover in the status quo but let us tell you this: staying where things are comfortable is a death knell. Being interesting means you know something that others don’t. Being interesting means you can do something that others can’t. So immerse yourself fully in it, don’t go into anything half-heartedly. Evolving can bring about great change. 



One possible reason that you don’t feel ‘desirable’ - you’re spending time with people who don’t appreciate you. Challenge yourself to meet new people, hang out with a different crowd, obtain different outlooks and views on life, and start evolving. Start Collaborating. The younger generation took their cues from the freedoms and opportunities that various media and disciplines have afforded them.



Another great way to go about this? 

Stop Trying To Be Desirable

Becoming desirable is a byproduct of living life to the fullest so put your wants and desires first and go for it. Be mysterious. It’s human nature to want to know all the details of the people around. Leave them guessing. And above all, learn to appreciate.  




Appreciation or the art of appreciating something is not a one-off thing, like when you look at something and decide if it’s pleasing or not. Appreciation is like learning any subject; it occurs over time, over months, and over years. Long-term efforts can open up your world like never before. Understand that the more you know and understand something, the more you will appreciate it.



Here we present a 2 minutes video to complete our thoughts;



Photographer: Sharon Angelia

Model: Sweeney Cosgrove

Stylist: Rhea Revren

Artwork: Kanoko Takaya

Videographer: Ega Oxsiana

Poem: Ivan Teguh S

Recited by: Mira A

Blog Article Proofreader: Anna S