Here’s a cool new excuse to mastering art of doing nothing:

We decided that 2017 is about changing the quality of life. In order to change it, you should understand some aspect of your life that most closely related with life you desire. Apart from health, accomplishment, and relationship, there’s a positive emotions — moments that consist of positive moods, perspectives, sensations, and inspiration. Scientifically speaking, positive emotions affect our quality of thoughts. We make a choice everyday that affect our quality of life. So we can conclude that quality of your thoughts creates the quality of our life.

For many, it seems hard to bring this awareness back to their life, where we usually feel pressure to do, to accomplish, to complete, to become. For example, once you feel your emotions starting to take over, try to give yourselves permission to produce that positive emotions through something you can do just by yourself, like ‘doing nothing’. Just do completely nothing, just because you actually can. Doing nothing doesn't mean to being lazy, it is referring to the pleasure one gets from being idle. The ability to completely enjoy and savor a moment. 

We've thought that the idea of 'doing nothing' is an actions, day to day, influenced by our instincts and no longer by routines, shoulds, and musts. Doing nothing is a hard work. It means taking a break from everything to just sit and breath. We need to give ourselves this mini vacation almost everyday. Instead of spending your 10 minutes you had to spare this morning to make a to-do list, instead of organizing your email, instead of joining the noise on Facebook, instead of hanging out with your gossip gang, and instead of quietly hating yourself— what if you just do nothing? What if you didn’t look at Saturday and Sunday as your only day to cut loose and chill out?

Let’s see what would happen if we ignored the whole week for doing nothing. Just be unrealistic for a while. Join us in these small acts of doing nothing:


The easiest act is just sit. Become aware of your breathing. Breath in through your nose. Hold it for three counts. One, two, three. Exhale trough your mouth. One, two, three. On and on for 5-10 minutes. And guess what? It’s also free!



A daily snooze can lower your stress levels. A nap doesn’t have to be at home. Go outdoors, anywhere suspended mid-air, on a blanket over grass. Turn your phone off, close your eyes, listen to birds, smell the grass. Befriend with nature. Let your mind wander. This quiet moment of nothing can be profoundly healing — to yourself and to the planet.



For us, working out is a chore. For us, dance is liberating (if you allow it to be). Dance cures the ‘working out is no fun’ syndrome. Dance make you feel beautiful and powerful. Life provides us with free dance events to let loose and dance, weddings, parties, nightclubs, or… something like — create your own playlist, lock yourself in your bedroom. Volumes up. Boogie until that playlist played out.



Go for a long aimless walk. Stopping to sit and relax whenever you see an appealing bench. Make up stories about the people you see on the street. “That woman’s wearing black head to toe, sunglasses, black hat, and black boots, she must be an international spy on her way to a meeting with her superior.” You’ll find yourself coming alive and simply soaking in the day.




Mess up a new recipes on your own. The only hungry, disappointed person you have to deal with is yourself. You can serve up a flawless result next time with your friends and act like it was your first try. Aha!



It’s healthy to pop on an outfit you love and feel fabulous. Shamelessly take photos of yourself that you actually like. No one is judging if you do, like 20 takes. Let yourself keep clicking until you get it right.



It’s over! Remaining alone and hiding from the world won’t protect you! For endless! Channel your anger or sadness into a writing, painting, song, or a new project. It will help you found your rhythm on life again. And it’s the most powerful forms of shared communication. So-so-so many works originated from broken hearts. We believe it’s a beautiful expression of human experience. There really is always someone who can be influenced from such a little inspiration. Well, on this point we mean that doing nothing is really doing something.



What do you think? Or maybe the bigger question is: Imagine how much more people would smile and express kindness if we adopted this mindset? Go for it. You can have real and lasting positive emotions. Did we leave many tips off? Tell us how you do for doing nothing? Mark #MasteringArtOfDoingNothing on your Instagram post, because you get to see us and we have no idea what you did. Fair is fair.


Credits :

Talent : Aida

Photographer : Sharon Angelia

Make Up & Hair : Mila Wijaya