lui is coming soon

LUI prototype 1.0 in white.

LUI prototype 1.0 in black.

LUI prototype 1.0 in black, the waist is still too big.

First color proofing, Rhea wasn't so happy with the red and purple. She thought those two colors was a bit off.

Second color proofing. Yes, we got the purple right! The red is too magenta this time. I think we'll go with the first red.

LUI prototype 2.0 in nude.

This is gonna be our final design for Lui.

New color addition, we rolled it out from the dyeing machine.

Our last color proofing. All approved!

😍 🥰 😍 🥰

We decided to go more eco for our product packaging. It's biodegradable, contains no petrochemicals, and compostable cos it's made from cassava strarch.

Our regular customer must have received the package in our tarp satchels packaging. Lui will come in a smaller version.

but it comes in dark brown.

Pattern cutting, we'll have S-M and M-L for now, and see if we need to diversify Lui into XS-S and L-XL, we'll decide while the sale's going.

Five of them are here! Arranging catalogue shoot soon...

I hope we're not the only one who's excited with this shortssss

some glimpse from yesterday's shoot...
launching in two weeks.

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