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It's a bit too late to tell you 'bout what we did in our quarantine, huh? Well, our first week of quarantine went well. We coped the second week learning new stuff. On the third one, we were like "let's shoot something at home..."

Rhea was spontaneously grabbed any clothes from her wardrobe, walked to my house, our house is just next to each other. I set the backdrop, she picked her 4 favourite pants from our office in my house. She stood in front of the backdrop, did some easy pose with a little furry-interuption.

There you go, some looks she hoped she could wear out soon,




Collecting laundry while walking your dog out. Never forget your mask.





Yes, that's a wrap bandage we found on my desk, I had it from three years ago when I broke my ankle. By the way, this Handyman Escargo has been everyone's favourite but sadly we won't be able to restock them anytime soon. We sourced the belt material from Japan, and we can't travel there until an indefinite time.





The Classic Rhea. This is just very very her. You will meet her somewhere in more or less in this look.





Besides coffee, Rhea also has a little addiction with vintage clothes. The top she paired with Giga Pants was from her collective pieces.



Like I said, too much furry interuption, huh?


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